Aurobin City

Aurobin (also called Aurobin City) is the city-state nestled in the Ganjha Valley at the center of Aurobin-dô. It was once the capital of the Aurobin-dô kingdom; the city was untouched by the Second Invasion War.

Aurobin City was founded in 57 AC following the Omdatti-Aurobinian War. The city rests in a valley before a secret rift to the Feywild.
Population: 14,800; majority human, with a number of elf, tiefling, and halfling neighbourhoods. Dragonborn are tolerated, but many are unable to find work in the city.
Government: The city-state still conforms to a monarchic structure, under King Manthyos Aux V as of 951 AC. Chancellor Godric Bronzby acts as executive minister and manages the city.
Defense: The city is protected by a professional army of roughly 300 soldiers. They are sworn to the king but are organized independently. The northern border to the Feywild is also patrolled by centaurs, with whom the crown has a longstanding alliance.
Inns: TBD.
Taverns: Black Snake Alehouse; Pomegranate Pubbery.
Supplies: Abigail’s Curiosity Shop; Subterforge; Kultash Luxuryware.
Temples: Old Saints Cathedral.

The City of Aurobin was founded by country’s second king, Ambed Nadir I, who wanted a defensible and centralized location for the permanent castle. The Lesser Ganjha Valley was considered sacred ground by the elves, who revered the ancient dragons, so the human’s encroachment triggered a war between the Aurobinians and the largest elven estate, Omdatta Tyagi. The Omdatti-Aurobinian War lasted more than three years before the elves finally conceded their hold on the valley.

The city was built by plan, encased from the beginning in large walls studded with towers. Within the walls, the architecture has developed from the sewer system up, with many high-rise towers and aerial staircases and stone walkways erected to connect an increasingly convoluted (and densely populated) three-dimensional landscape. Outside the walls, a number of independent farms and small villages live in the safety of the castle’s shadow; soldiers of the Royal Arms are dispatched to defend these territories when they are available.

Within the safety of the walls, crime is a tremendous issue for Aurobin City. The Royal Arms are far too undermanned to overpower the well-funded Five Families, and enough guardsmen are in the pocket of the Outfit that they have effective immunity. Much of daily life in the city is regulated by one of the fifteen individual syndicates that haunt the city’s streets. The last magistrate who tried to end the epidemic was assassinated in his bedchamber in 947.

During the Vloura Conflict of 950 AC, King Manthyos Aux IV was assassinated by the Vloura’s Slain Commandant during a peace negotiation. The shadar-kai field marshal controlled the city for a time as Manthyos V’s vizier until the Conflict ended.

In 955, the War for Aurobin began when Emperor Eckhardt Delrign of Thysia challenged the sixteen-year-old king for his crown.

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Aurobin City

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