Rhidian Murdock

Rakshasa for hire


Rhidian Murdock is a Rakshasa freelancer originally from the City of Brass. Starting out as a doer of dirtywork, Murdock quickly became known among the Efreet lords as a master schemer. His name has been whispered far across the Elemental Chaos and even into the Abyss, where powerful demon princes utilized his cunning in mortal worlds.

Rhidian was first commissioned onto the Material Plane to assist a medusa hag with an unspeakable rite that required the assembly of five maidens: a noble, a peasant, a nun, a harlot, and a teacher. The Rakshasa shapeshifter used elaborate ruses to lure all five women into the Marsh of Maharshi where the medusa turned them to stone.

The demon Adramelech, lord of betrayal, hired Rhidian to sabotage a watchtower group in Brahmin that sought to prevent him from bringing his demon city to Aurobin-dô. (Adramelech was later vanquished by his own minions.)

Contacts he made while in Brahmin connected him with the ancient dragon Iaquinta, who desired a special anti-dragon weapon possessed by the Western Alliance. Rhidian conceived of a plan by which a green dragon would regularly invade Dehra Dun, thereby forcing the town to request the weapon be sent by boat—which would conveniently be raided by slaad pirates. Rhidian was eventually successful in bringing the weapon to his patron Iaquinta, but the dragon was later defeated by the same adventurers who slew the green dragon.

Rhidian’s most recent contract was with an Alliance senator from Vaisya, Dhomas Addler. At Addler’s direction, Rhidian infiltrated the Royal Arms of Aurobin City and impersonated the bodyguard of young king Manthyos. Rhidian’s identity was revealed after he foiled an assassination attempt by murdering the castle chef.

Rhidian Murdock

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