Ahtrüd Jetbeard

Ancestral patron of the Jetbeard clan and mortal nemesis of the Void Snake


Ahtrüd Jetbeard (29 – 174 AC) was a dwarven summoner from Morbale. He sailed to the Nirnayak mountain range in Aurobin-dô in 73 AC. During the Night of the Great Shadow, it was Ahtrüd who vanquished the creature and banished it to the depths of the Shadowfell. In the absence of government, Ahtrüd gained tremendous social influence and prestige for his valiance in the attack. He wed twice over the next forty years and had several children. Old age did not descend on him gracefully, however. By his hundredth birthday, Jetbeard was known as a daft old codger who talked to his spellbook. “The snake has two heads,” he was known to mumble, “but I only saw the one.” In 174 AC, against the advice of his family, Ahtrüd left Nirnayak to seek out a sage named Iaquinta. Ahtrüd was nearing the end of his life, but he claimed that he could not rest until the “Void Snake” had been killed once and for all.

Ahtrüd’s grandson, Gorius Jetbeard, united the clans of the mountain range and founded the dwarven metro Nirnayak in 251 AC.

Revised Timeline

Almost a thousand years after his death, Ahtrüd was reincarnated as the gith Durtha. After regaining his old spellbook, which history had come to know as the Grimoire of the Void Snake, he and his new adventuring company quested to slay the Void Snake for good. Due to the creature’s atemporal nature, Ahtrüd’s defeat of the Void Snake was immediately recognized in the past. A new history was written in which Ahtrüd definitively destroyed the snake during the Night of the Great Shadow.

Undivided in purpose, Ahtrüd would unite the dwarves two generations before his grandson would have the change. Unhindered by the specters of the grizzly Night, the dwarves of Nirnayak burrowed a grand and prosperous city deep below ground.

Ahtrüd Jetbeard

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