King defends theatre from demonic threat

One dead, four injured as summoner at large

City of Aurobin — A USC company performance of Love and the Nation was interrupted Saturday night by a deadly act of magical terrorism. Near the end of the first act, a panic broke out near the rear of the theatre when the first of four fanged, winged demons appeared suddenly in the audience. King Manthyos Aux V lept from his box and vanquished the infernal threat before they could cause much more damage.

“I had already heard the cries for help when one of those things appeared in front of me,” recalls Dennis Gaglias, one of those injured in the attack. “I covered my face so it started tearing into my arm. Then it pulled me to the ground and jumped on top of me. I thought I was going to die, but then the king leaps out of his box and casts a spell and suddenly my wounds disappear. Then a freaking dragonborn flips off the balcony after him and kills the thing with its poison breath. I mean, what was the king doing with a […] dragonborn?”

Reports of King Manthyos, 16, training in combat as an adventurer seem to have credibility. He and his usual entourage—with the notable addition of an unidentified dragonborn—were equipped for battle within a moment’s notice to deal with the foes, according to several eyewitnesses. The king and his court, which includes his vizier and personal bodyguard, have gone on several extended trips lately, which rumors claim have been some sort of adventuring tour.

Despite quelling the danger in the theatre, reports suggest the attack was the instigated by a summoner who managed to escape. The unidentified summoner is wanted by the Royal Arms on the charge of capital murder, for being causally responsible for the untimely death of Lord Arthur Ramsey. Ramsey’s funeral service will take place this Sunday.

A spokesman for the USC expressed his regrets over the attack and assures patrons in attendance that evening that they will receive a refund or a raincheck for their ticket.



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