Vloura Conflict

The Vloura Conflict was a brief Shadar-kai invasion of South Aurobin in 950 AC. It began in January when the Vloura’s Gearfreed Tower rose out of the sea south of Chaturdashi; in June, the Vloura empire mysteriously wiped itself out. The devastating “Third Invasion War” that Aurobinian historians predicted became a brief series of skirmishes.

Coming off the boat

The Conflict started when the prophesied “Slain Commandant,” Charles Phoenix, arrived in the Shadowfell apparently destined to see the Vloura army to victory over the Material Plane. His soul was the key to raising the Gearfreed Tower out of the Vloura city state in the Shadowfell, and into the sea south-east of Aurobin-dô; the tower acted as a Trojan Horse, carrying thousands of soldiers and aristocrats.

The army initially acted in secret around the continent, abducting slave workers to build its city. After that, companies of heavily armed Shadar-kai toured several towns and villages petitioning annexation; communities that refused were often wiped out in cruel and graphic ways.

In late spring, the King of Aurobin City, Manthyos Aux IV, initiated a formal alliance with the Vloura. This alliance continued during the reign of young Manthyos Aux V, after the former king was murdered by the Slain Commandant in his throne room at crossbow-point.

Soon after that, the army invaded Omdatta Tyagi in an effort to locate a fabled royal scepter of city-crushing potential. Once the Slain Commandant had possession of it, he returned to his tower to rally his full army—every commoner in the community was a trained soldier. This army was anticipated to round up the smaller towns after the capitals were crushed by the doomsday rod. However, in a twist of fate which was never fully made clear, the recovered meteoric weapon attacked the Vloura settlement instead of its more likely targets, Aurobin City or Brahmin. The Vloura city was fully destroyed, their tower collapsed into the sea, and their leader presumably plunged to his death.

Vloura Conflict

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