Second Invasion War

On the heels of the global Invasion War, tragedy struck the recovering Aurobin-dô nation.

Black ships are never a good omen

One warm spring morning in 819 AC, at the banks of the ocean where the Ganjha River runs out, a fleet of unannounced black ships docked on the beach. Out marched fleet after fleet of well-trained dragonborn warriors from nearby Ætolia. The commander looked into the distance and saw their first target, a tiny town called Sardarji. It didn’t stand a chance.

Over the following months, the Ætolian army ripped through town after village in South Aurobin. No human, elf or dwarf was left alive, and each town was set ablaze when the army marched out.

Word spread fast of the onslaught, and as the army marched closer, each town prepared its defenses as best it could. Militias prepared their weapons, farmers sharpened their pitchforks, and mothers hugged their babies. And everyone wondered, when will the king’s army arrive to save us?

Little did the people of South Aurobin know that the king had no intention of sending troops to the front lines. In fact, he was calling in members of the Royal Arms from all over Aurobin-dô to return to the capital. He evidently didn’t care how many towns were destroyed; he just wanted to save his castle.

The dragonborn, it seems, had severely underestimated the threat of militias and minutemen defending their homes. Although no town was victorious over the armies, each village nicked into the dragonborn’s numbers. Little by little, casualty by casualty, the Ætolian army was whittled down to nothing. Their final battle happened in a town just miles outside of the Aurobinian capital. Then they gave up and retreated. The king’s amassed troops never even saw battle.

By the end of the war, South Aurobin was decimated. Only the capital city and three towns remained. And, seeing how much the king cared about his citizens, the towns west of the Ramcharitmanas revolted. The once proud Aurobin-dô kingdom was reduced to a single city-state.

Ever since then, the Western Alliance, Aurobin City, and what is left of South Aurobin have been three separate entities. All three of them refer to this tragedy as the Second Invasion War.

Second Invasion War

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