Pantheonic Church

The Pantheonic Church (known officially as the United Pantheonic Church) is the syndicate of clergy from South Aurobin’s eleven most prominent religions. The Church holds sanctuaries and worship services for each deity. This collaboration ensures that no believer is ever turned away because the village has no temple to his patron deity.

Riverside Pantheonic Church in Trimendir

Although the Pantheonic Church services eleven different deities, the clerics who run the church generally keep allegiance to only one or two. It is rare, although not unheard of, for a cleric to worship the pantheon as a whole. In any case, each cleric is honor-bound to assist petitioners of all religions, even of those which ideologically oppose his own.

Every town and village in South Aurobin has at least one Pantheonic Church. Temples to specific deities may also be found, if they existed before the Pantheonic Church was founded. Trimendir, for example, has three Pantheonic Churches in town, but also has temples to Moradin, Pelor, and Avandra.


The Pantheonic Church was formed as a result of the Second Invasion War. Dragonborn armies had destroyed most of South Aurobin’s temples, and many devotees were left without a place to worship or commune with fellow believers. The first “Church of All Powers” was established in Dehra Dun by a cleric of Bahamut. Soon, clerics from all villages and faiths came to join the movement and set up similar co-ops at home. Thus, the United Pantheonic Church was born.


The eleven most prominent deities are featured in the Church. They are Avandra, Bahamut, Corellon, Erathis, Ioun, Kord, Melora, Moradin, Pelor, the Raven Queen, and Sehanine. Some gods were not included in the alliance because no priest came forward to request induction. For example, Heironeous is not represented because nearly all of his followers were killed in the war. Olidammara was also excluded because his faith has no proper clerics to speak of.

Pantheonic Church

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