First Invasion War

The following events occurred in a previous D&D 3.5 campaign.

No-one really knows the reason for it, no-one really understands the meaning behind it, no-one can really comprehend the magnitude of it, but in the year 814 AC, humanity was enslaved by demons.


Every last human on MildenEarth was put on a boat and shipped up to the north pole, waiting to be tormented and enthralled by demonic masters. Homes were emptied, farms wilted, society all but died out.

Over the next year, the combined world armies of the dwarves, elves, halflings and gnomes, led by a band of brave heroes, met and organized. They eventually marched up to the north pole and slayed the immense demon army in a grand melee. Eventually, humanity regained its freedom, and the world began its arduous task of reuniting families and sending each human back to his home. Many families chose not to return and instead stayed on the Morbale continent to start a new life.

History books the world over remember this event as the Invasion War. Aurobin-dô, embroiled in another conflict not five years later, calls the demonic attack the First Invasion War.

Conspiracy theorists have for years felt that this war was no simple enslavement. Some believe that a secret world over-government is to blame. Others are sure that the so-called “invasion” was simply another battle in the Blood War between demons and devils. A few even blame extraterrestrials for the whole thing. In any case, history books are conspicuously sketchy on the matter.

First Invasion War

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