Letter from K. Wilburwind to G. Jetbeard

December 13, 949

Beloved Gorius,

I hope you are well. I had wished to visit Nirna over the New Year but silver is tight around the Safehouse and guests are plentiful. You’ll never believe it, but travelers are getting swindled out of their spending money by some fly-by-night casino ring that just opened up in Trimendir. I have a group of Avandra blessed volunteers on the case right now, though, and I have faith in their fortune. If they can be discreet, we can halt their immoral operation without implicating the temple. Anyway, you understand why your Kissy can’t be with you.

My nephew Quinn is coming back to town this summer, and I’m going to ask him to stay. He’s a paragon of Avandric virtue and I think he would be a better clergyman than I. If he will learn the rites, I hope to pass the high priest vestments to my nephew before the Raven’s Winter is upon us again. Let him worry about paying the bills, if I can be with you in the mountains. Not just for a holiday. We can live out our years as the last of the Jetbeards, mister and mister.

This is only if Quinn agrees to be ordained high priest, mind you. Even Loghaine, whom Quinn found abandoned as an infant, barely remembers his face. He may not want to settle down here, or anywhere. I’ve told you before how Rutabegga would be terribly unfit for the job. He can run an inn but he can’t defend the temple from marauders. Avandra needs a strong leader like Quinn or me. But as long as I lead the temple, it is you who bares the choice to visit. Just remember how I always make the trip worthwhile.

Forever faithful,




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