Aurobin-dô is a continent in MildenEarth, a campaign setting with years of history. Although traditionally MildenEarth has focused on the Morbale and Psilands continents, Aurobin-dô’s post-post-apocalyptic world meshes with the points-of-light terrain that the 4e game assumes. It also provides a place for all of 4e’s core races and classes. The continent, while enclosed, provides a structured environment in which every archetypal D&D scenario can be explored.

The World, now on Obsidian Portal

Click on “Wiki” above to start perusing the world’s encyclopedia, which includes articles on Aurobin’s history, places, and organizations, among other things. The “Characters” tab displays an index of people and intelligent creatures (both player and non-) across whom one might happen to come. “Maps” displays exactly what you might expect, and it’s unnecessarily zoom-able. We use the “Adventure Log” as more of a campaign blog, so it serves as a repository for documents, announcements, and letters. Of course, I encourage you to leave a note in the “Comments” tab if the mood strikes you.

New Player?

If you’re coming into this campaign setting for the first time, you may want to check out what your choice of race and class entails. You can also see what information is available on your hometown. If you’re really bored, you can also brush up on your history.


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